Ill Wind

Stills for Jody Glenham's Ill Wind Video for Storyhive and Telus Optik

Directed by Megan Magdalena
Story by Danielle Hall
Starring Cate Dunk, Jade Pattenden and Maya-Roisin Slater as Three Women
w/ Jody Glenham and The Dreamers as The Band

Makeup by Min-Jee Mowat
Hair by Rempel Roquette
Styling by Cate Dunk
Still Photography by Lindsay Elliott
Camera Assistance by Kyle Schick
Color Correction by Ari Bre Bre
Title Editing by Jason Myers
Title Design by Gillian Damborg

Ill Wind as performed by Jody Glenham and The Dreamers was produced by Jason Corbett at Jacknife Sound and released July 2015 on Kingfisher Bluez. Ill Wind was written by Jody Glenham and Richard Dimitriou.